Selmer Media

Mune: Guardian of the Moon


In a world where day and night are ruled by legendary guardians, we follow Mune, a small lunar faun, who’s at everyone’s surprise selected to become the new Guardian of the Moon. Reckless and inexperienced, Mune ultimately fails in his duty, causing to accidentally lead the sun to fall into the hands of an evil lord and the planet to plunge into utter chaos and total darkness… Teaming up with Sohone, the swaggering new Guardian of the Sun, and Glim, a fragile yet witty girl made of wax, Mune embarks on an extraordinary quest to rescue the sun and the moon!

Original title: Mune, le gardien de la lune
Director: Alexandre Heboyan, Benoît Philippon
Benoît Philippon
Cast: Omar Sy, Izïa Higelin, Michaël Grégorio
Country: France
Runtime: 85 min
Year: 2014